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In 2011, we were incredibly fortunate to be introduced to Joel De Shannon from AIIS services. Had we not crossed paths with Joel, we know that we would not be making our financial goals a reality.

We are a family of five on one wage and our children are all under six years of age. We had just had a broker work for us and they were able to get a miserly $30K increase for us from our existing lender. This of course was useless for what we were hoping to do. We met Joel and he was able to blow that figure out of the water. He is not a magician; instead he legitimately knows everything there is to know about his business and has no hidden agendas.

We trust Joel implicitly and can honestly say that we have never ever felt like that about any financial adviser, broker, or bank before. From the very outset, Joel has extended to us professionalism, complete transparency, understanding, innovative ideas, support, and despite all of these great aspects, the added bonus is that he comes with a personality as well. Joel is a dad so he understands our situation and we know that he truly invests time, energy and effort into everything he does for us.

Joel is educating us on how to work smarter, not harder. We know that Joel doesn’t work alone and Chris has been a driving force behind some really smart decisions. He extensively and thoroughly analyses all the data to come up with the very smartest and most appropriate choices for our individual situation. We credit Chris and Joel with our good night’s sleep knowing that we are adequately insured with a reputable insurer without affecting our day to day cash flow and our money IS working smarter not harder for us.

“Joel has made all the difference in our investment journey and we are so pleased that he is on our team. This is just the beginning of our journey and we know that AIIS will be there with us the entire way. I cannot recommend Joel and AIIS highly enough to anyone, big or small, needing financial support and guidance.”
Ken and Kath Heatrick
New Lambton
March 2012
“I have been looked after extremely well by my mortgage broker Joel De Shannon, one of the few five star mortgage brokers in Australia, who has taken care of multiple mortgages for me along with multiple car finance applications, life insurance, superannuation, estate planning discussions, and more.
I would highly recommend the services of Joel and his supporting staff.”
Amber G.
Dural NSW
October 2012
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